Welcome to Ser+radio Caribbean!!!

Our radio network is expanding in the Caribbean, under the direction of Apostle Anna Edwards .


Our goal is to reach the largest possible number of people in the Caribbean , to be a voice for the infrastructure of the Global Prayer Towers .

12105986_849569241830681_3006163148156995592_nApostle Anna Edwards
Regional Director for Ser+radio Caribbean

Founder & Director of World Harvest Prayer Tower Contends for Global Revival & Serves As An Israel Foreign Affairs Emissary To The Caribbean.

Apostle Anna believes that Prayer is the most vital structure that will under gird the building of the Kingdom Economy. She also strongly believes that the Kingdom of God is about to be expressed through the Church’s wealth in ways that the World has never seen.  She proclaims that the Church is the MOST powerful Institution in the Earth. The Church MUST Govern the Affairs of the World in order to Tikkun Olam…Repair the World!